We believe that your love is timeless and deserves to be honored and preserved.

Moments are fleeting, fast, and gone.. unless you have a wedding videographer that can capture them for you and cares about them just as much as you do.

About Megan Pettus 


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Elevated client experience

"As a wedding planner, I HIGHLY recommend Megan Pettus Videography for her calming presence and level of customer experience with our clients. Not only is Megan one of the best videographers I have ever worked with, but she is one of the BEST professionals I have ever worked with." 

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Melanie Grace Weddings

 We serve our clients with what we call a "boutique videography experience." 

 You aren't just a project on a long assembly line of weddings, we serve a limited number of couples a year so we can craft a unique, family heirloom film that evokes emotion and honors your romance sure to endure.

Valuing Southern Hospitality while capturing your family's Heirloom Story.

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