I understand that fear you have. You know the one--you've just finished living the best day ever and realize, it's OVER. You can't go back and do any of it again. Those moments are fleeting, fast, and GONE. That is, unless you have a wedding filmmaker that can capture them for you and cares about them just as much as you do. THEN, you have a time machine that can take you back to that moment time and time again, with just the click of a play button.

I'm Megan Pettus. I'm a God-Trusting Mom, a hard working Wife, an Educator, & a Full Time Filmmaker based in Alabama. (But love traveling!)  My happy place is snuggled between my husband & my daughter on the couch, an episode of Fixer Upper on the TV. 

When I'm not loving on my family, I'm loving on my clients like they're family through my filmmaking.  To view their stories in film, click here!

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"Megan went above and beyond with my wedding. She was also so kind and her energy didn’t stress me out whatsoever. If anything, she had a calming energy about her on the day of my wedding. Megan is more than just a must-have videographer, she’s an excellent vendor to simply have in general at your wedding."


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