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The southern belle on dad jokes, podcasts, and why all her fave days feature pontoon boats.

I spent many years in front of the camera as a news reporter and anchor, but my true passion is serving others through my camera. Many days you can find me in front of a high school classroom, telling corny jokes in the hopes that my students will learn something along the way. At home I'm rocking my LulaRoe leggings & loving on my one year old daughter. I love getting lost in a good book or podcast & the dizzying feeling you get when lying down to sleep at night after spending the day on a pontoon boat at the lake.

Known for: corny jokes, a creme brûlée candle in each room, and  an obsession with love stories.


hello there

Southern love is soft, demure. It isn't hurried or rushed. And just like the tea we drink, it's sweet.

I see you spending months planning your perfect wedding day. I know you've worked so hard, & you can't wait to celebrate. But have you invested in your memories of that day? think about it..5, 10, 15 years from now, will you be able to remember what your Daddy said to you when he saw you in that gorgeous white dress for the first time? What about your vows? Will you be able to remember looking up at your fiancé as he begins choking up telling you he'll be there until death do you part?
photos can only tell so much. that's why I know you won't regret getting a wedding film too. 

Known for: capturing love letters on film, whose words mean more than any text. 

am obsessed with love

Why I



My Favorite Things

Strolling down streets and popping into my favorite boutiques that smell like coffee and magnolias. They know you by name and always have JUST what you need.

In getting lost along a quiet downtown street.

I Believe

I LOVE loving on my MPV couples. I try to take each couple out for coffee (because who doesn't want a coffee date?)

You deserve to feel warm, comfortable & loved by your videographer.

I Believe

As someone who has been in your bridal heels, I remember feeling how each moment is fleeting, and use that to catch the nuances of your day. 

THAT your wedding film is a family heirloom.

I Believe


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