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Attracting Your Unicorn— Finding that ideal client who LOVES You & Your Business through Video Marketing | Brand Films for Creatives

Creative Branding Films

creative brand films

Birmingham, AL Video Marketing

You’re scrolling through your Insta feed and it catches your eye..did that picture just move? What’s happening? 30 seconds later you’ve fallen in love with this new person whose story and heart you can relate to immediately. Or you’ve found that new item that you must add to cart because you just can’t live without it. That’s it. That’s the power of video marketing! We all have this inner desire to connect with each other, and that yearning is all the more true when we’re making decisions on investing in someone or something.

But this blog post isn’t here to convince you about WHY you need a brand film, or why you should be using video to share your business. It’s about the AFTER. After you’ve created a video (or video series) that shares you heart, solves problems for you clients, and helps them understand why they need YOU & your services in their lives. This is for what to do after we push PUBLISH.

So, here’s 5 tips to rocking your video roll-out and seeing those #dreamclients roll in.

How to use Video to Market Your Business

  1. Give em’ Cheese Sticks. AKA- Post with Intention.

Have you ever been to a Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurant? They have these new touch screens that play short video animations as you are waiting to order. Picture this, you’re sitting in your car, craving a happy hour Route 44 slushy..and then, after pressing the red button to make your order, an animation comes across the screen.

It says “Add Mozzarella sticks to this order?” Now you want cheese sticks. There goes .99 cents and the thought of fitting back into your college jeans.

This is totally intentional. It puts the message they want to send in front of the people who are most likely to take advantage of it. They waited until you were making that buying decision to flash that message.

So how can you use this strategy? Well, you can make sure you’re dropping your video content at a time/place where it can be best consumed by your ideal client. (Can you kinda envision someone consuming your video like an order of cheese sticks? Well, now I’m craving fried foods. Great.)

If your ideal client is a Mom who wants to invest in a quality family portrait experience, you’re going to want to reach her during the time that she’s most likely scrolling through and thinking of her family. For me, that’s between baby’s bedtime & my bedtime, on Facebook, with a glass of wine. 

If your client is a young working pro climbing the ladder of success while planning her high-end wedding, she might be more likely to hop on before heading off to work or during happy hour.

Point being—don’t just post it whenever you get it. Plan for it & plan for your people.

2. Give em’ a sample.

We all know the best part of shopping at Publix or Trader Joes is the free samples. They get us excited to try the new recipe or product that is coming out, and give us a taste of what to expect.

You can do this with your marketing films! Leading up to the day of the launch, start generating buzz about what is to come. You can do this with teasers or short behind the scenes videos/photos. You can hop on and do a live video “Ask anything” chat and during that live video, talk up the big news you have coming soon. You can tease a giveaway to come, or a once-in-a-lifetime—never-gonna-happen-again deal that you’re debuting soon. Speak to your clients Problems, and let them know in XYZ days, you’ll have a solution for them.

Use Instagram Stories to build hype, Poll Features, FB ads and more to get the word out that something big is coming!

Action Plan for Releasing Video Marketing Content

3. Like Nutella, it’s best spread out, not globbed on all at once.

(Sorry if this is just making you super hungry. I guess I love food analogies.)

If you have a few different videos you’re using to promote yourself and your services, don’t drop them all at one sitting, or on one day. If you only have one right now, don’t drop it on all the social media platforms at the same time. Plan each launch with intention. (remember cheese sticks?)

Spread that launch out!

Bonus tip! Re-use your video content in many different forms/locations. Example: Release small snippet on Instagram stories, then on your post, then a Reel, THEN post to Facebook…then TikTok…or whatever your ideal client is visiting most often. Always BLOG your video! That is where the best SEO juices are coming from. (Be sure to ask your video creator partner what you are ALLOWED to do with the video they send you. You may not have the rights to edit or cut up their video deliverable.

4. Tell em’ what you want for them, or from them!

When it’s time to FINALLY release your content, make sure you include compelling copywriting with a clear call to action for your clients to take. It can be a “share this with a Mom who could deserves a stress-free family portrait experience” or “tag a bride that you could totally see rocking Louboutin heels, while getting down to some old-school Backstreet Boys.” (#teamnickcarterforever)

Here’s an example of a call to action in, well..action. Provided by a peach of a gal, Lucy Krodell. I know it worked for her, because it got ME off my booty and in her inbox asking how do we get started in building my brand film.

creative brand films

5. Get the .99 cent cheese sticks. Put your money where your heart is.

Once you’ve posted your video, spend some time creating an ad on Facebook & Instagram that will get it in front of the people who need to see it. There are a ton of tutorials out there on running a successful ad, so I won’t go into those details here, but my best advice is to spend a little bit on boosting your post. Why boosting vs. ads? Here is an article that does a great job of explaining the difference. TLDR: Boosted posts are best for getting engagement and a lot of views for your post. Which you want, cause you want people to watch this video you just created with them in mind! *Make sure you include a link for people to click in the post! Your website, maybe??*

Bonus tip: Don’t drop and roll… stay around for a while after you launch your film to engage with folks as they start to share and comment on your posts! Early engagement is key to getting a higher view count. So hit publish, grab yo’ wine (or sweet tea!) and stick around to see how it goes. I think you’re going to get excited when you see how it plays out!

creative brand films

So there you have it, my suggestions for launching your video content. If you’re reading this and think, Ohmygosh, I don’t even know where to begin to think about creating video content for myself…then no worries! My heart is in relieving that stress from you, and helping you each step along the way until I get that phone call from you saying “I just booked my dream client, and they said they booked me because they saw my brand film!!” Praise hands, margarita clink. You’ve got this.

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