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Brand Film for Photographers | Madalyn Yates Photography

Creative Branding Films

March 17, 2019

Brand Films for Photographers

As a small business owner, sharing your heart and the intention behind your business can be a scary thing. We can get caught up in “our brand” and the sales aspect of of work, and lose sight of the reason WHY we chose to do it in the first place. I believe that is where a brand film comes in.

Brand films give us the opportunity to share a peek behind the business curtain and into our hearts for our clients. It allows them to know the person or people behind the logo, and connect with us on a deeper level than they would before.

Madalyn Yates Photography

North Carolina Photographer

With this in mind, I’m so excited to share the heart of one of my good friends, Madalyn Yates. Madalyn is an incredible photographer (and cook, and dog mom!) who is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. We originally crossed paths with each other in 2017 at the Callie Lindsey Charleston Workshop  and have kept in touch since then. I’ve seen her business grow in leaps and bounds, and have gotten to know her heart behind serving her clients. So when she reached out to me about creating a brand film that shares that heart with her future and current clients, I knew I just HAD to serve HER with this.

The thing that impresses me the most about Madalyn is her quiet confidence in who she is and how she runs her business. She is a calming voice in a sea of “ohmygoshyouregettingmarriedthatissostinkinexciting” voices in the photo/video world. (PS–read that long text in my voice, because that is me. haha)

She is a trained professional who wanted to show her heart for serving her clients, her style of photography, and set herself apart from the crowd in a saturated photography market.


Meet Madalyn

Brand Film for Creatives

Here’s what Madalyn had to say about her idea for her brand film:

“From the first email to the delivery of their galleries my main purpose is to serve my clients. I want them know I am here for them. I am there to encourage them. I am there to make sure they know they are loved & valued.

One of my favorite moments during a wedding days the moment when the officiant announces the couple as husband and wife! To see the groom look at his bride with complete joy, to see their friends and family cheering, there is just so much life during that moment.”


Our Vision for her Brand Film

Heart, Professionalism, Story

We knew that sharing her heart would be our number one goal, so we really dug deep into her history and her “Why” for her business. We talked a lot about how she started in photography, and her experience working with film photography in college. She loves using this creative outlet to share her heart with other people, and she is SO good at it!! Learn more about her in her film!


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Are you interested in using video to reach your perfect client? Let’s chat! 

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