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composed: the art of styling workshop video in birmingham alabama

It’s no secret that a brand & business aren’t just created overnight. That’s why understanding what your brand is, and how to market that brand is so important. Cue: Composed | The Art of Styling Workshop. We were lucky enough to sponsor as “workshop video crew” in downtown Birmingham, and snagged some behind the scenes footage.

brand film for photographers, photographer brand film

As a small business owner, sharing your heart and the intention behind your business can be a scary thing. We can get caught up in “our brand” and the sales aspect of of work, and lose sight of the reason WHY we chose to do it in the first place. I believe that is where a brand film comes in.

Birmingham wedding videographer

You’re scrolling through your Insta feed and it catches your eye..did that picture just move? What’s happening? 30 seconds later you’ve fallen in love with this new person whose story and heart you can relate to immediately. Or you’ve found that new item that you must add to cart because you just can’t live without […]

charleston videographer

It only takes a few minutes of talking with Meredith to feel completely comfortable around her. Maybe that’s because she is such a welcoming person, full of laughs and witty jokes, or maybe it’s her clinical training as a psychiatrist.. Either way, from the moment we met at a workshop in Charleston, SC, we knew […]

Sarah Cantey & I met when we were beat reporters in the peanut capitol of the south, Dothan, AL and stayed in touch through our careers. We’ve sipped wine & talked shop over whole-30 tacos with our good friends Lauren & Lauren. (Lauren, we miss you!! Move back to Bama!)  Needless to say, she’s my […]

Birmingham family and newborn videographer

I met Leigh Ann through the internet, on a photography Facebook page! …and unlike how Lifetime TV tells the story, we ended up being great friends instead of killing each other! haha She is a bubbly, fun & uplifting friend who just so happens to be an incredible photographer. You couldn’t ask for a better […]

Lately I’ve been working on branding films for other creative entrepreneurs & oh my goodness. This is the best feeling in the world. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Lifting up another person that is going for their dreams of being a business owner? Ah-mazing. ⠀ ⠀⠀ Helping them find that brand voice and the confidence to share it […]

Birmingham wedding videographer

As I type this, I have meatballs cooking in the oven, marinara on the stove..Miss B, my nearly two-year-old daughter is doing her version of dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and my living room looks like a Toys-R-Us bomb went off on it. #RealLife But this is exactly the life I’ve been dreaming of for […]


1. Read the Book “Quitter” by John Acuff. Took the test at the end and “passed it.” I first heard about this book from a pair of photography educators that I follow. Then I heard about it again from another creative entrepreneur that was doing big things in the business. Then again. After the fourth […]

Birmingham wedding videographer

Pivot. I remember nearly six years ago, adjusting my New York & Co. blazer and fiddling with my handbag. Sitting in an open waiting area thinking, “I am such a fake. There is no way they will take me seriously with this job.” Then, hearing the administrative assistant calling my name. “OK, Mrs. Pettus, they’re […]