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Alabama Wedding Videographer Giving a wedding toast can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be scary! The key is to prepare, practice, and PUT THE DRINK DOWN. (Except to toast with!) In this blog post, we’re going to help you give an AMAZING wedding toast. We’re talkin’ laughter, tears, and all the […]

How to plan your wedding day with your video in mind, making sure you get those special moments captured that give you All. The. Feels.  I love working in an industry that makes people cry. Wait- maybe that came out wrong.. As a wedding videographer it’s my job to capture the most sentimental and romantic […]

Finding a wedding videographer is a lot like finding that perfect pair of jeans…You want someone who makes you feel comfortable, supported, and most importantly makes you look DANG good. The truth is, your photo & film team spend more time with you than your spouse does on most wedding days, so finding someone you […]

Details, Honey.As a wedding videographer, one of the questions I always get when I’m preparing for the big day with my MPV Couples is “What do you suggest for our timeline?”  I LOVE helping them out with this! For most engaged couples, this is their first wedding, so they aren’t sure how things should flow, much less […]

Are you planning on writing a letter to your fiancé for your wedding day? Not sure what to write? Not sure if you even want to write one? I’d love to help. I’m giving away my top 5 tips for writing that will help you both have your words on paper in no time.  I encourage […]

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  Did you know that if you hire the right person to do your wedding videography or photography, you’re basically ensuring that your wedding day goes as smoothly as it could?*  As a wedding videographer, I have one goal for your wedding day. Make it a smooth, happy day for you so I can capture all […]