philosophy and investment

Our clients value authentic memories made on a wedding day. They aren't afraid to embrace new trends, while honoring past traditions. 

They embrace the wedding weekend as an impeccable host for family and friends alike, welcoming them to celebrate this new step in life together. 

Our mission is to create films our couples will enjoy for years to come.

They aren't like other couples- our clients are individuals in their style and design.

They cherish their wedding video as a family heirloom, knowing that it shouldn't be like anyone else's.

Our clients believe what we believe- their wedding isn't cookie-cutter, and their film shouldn't be either. 

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We create custom proposals of services, tailored to your unique needs.
(Remember-your wedding isn't like anyone else's--we want to make sure we capture everything important to you, from the Welcome Party to the Morning After Brunch Boat ride with family. These services start at 6490.

What is the average investment for
 your services?

We deliver film collections online, for quick and easy viewing and sharing. We also offer other custom video delivery services such as Video Playbooks and USBs.

How do you deliver Films?

Absolutely! We are based in Alabama, but serve clients wherever they want to celebrate their marriages. Our favorite destinations are Charleston, Saint Simons, Cashiers, Colorado, and Rhode Island.

Do you serve clients outside of the Southeast?

Most, if not all of our clients invest in a planner. This allows you to focus on the people and feelings you experience throughout your engagement, and on your wedding day.

Your planner means the world to us as wedding filmmakers, because it allows us to focus on serving you through video, not having to play the role of planner and videographer.

Do we need a planner to work with you?

Yes, we are FAA licensed and can legally fly our drone, as long as weather and locations are permitting.

Do you have a drone?