But with a day like this one, the only reaction that came naturally to all of the sweetness was big ugly tears.

Then, as the doors opened to the Seaside Chapel, we all started crying again witnessing Josh seeing his bride walking down the aisle for the first time.

“No Ugly Crying.” That’s what the hankie read in blue scripted type..

Ansley & Josh

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..To the magical moment when a white horse just happened to come prancing by right before the golden-hour ceremony..each bit of the day was perfect.

From the mountain-esque wooden cabins that the gals got ready in by the lake..

Sarah & Hayden

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Is a lot like opening a new Nicholas Sparks book and reading about a sweet southern romance.

Jule Collins Smith Art Museum was the perfect place for the reception! As you walk in, there is a glass Chihuly structure hanging from the ceiling. 

Hearing the beginning of these two’s love story..

Michelle & Evan

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..emotional letters, the sweetest groom reaction ever, and a party that could have gone all night! 

First of all, everything about their wedding day was perfect, from the cascading florals created by Christi Patton, to the his & hers favors that Keely Duke Events laid out to see guests out on their way home. 

This wedding had it ALL! Stunning Lake Tuscaloosa views, amazing speeches from family and friends.. 

Cheyenne & John

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Emily & Buddy’s wedding at the grand and classically southern Southside Baptist Church was absolutely stunning, and their reception at the Historic Florentine Building downtown made for the best. night. ever. 

Gorgeous attire and decor aside, I think that what stood out to me most about these two was that at THEIR wedding reception, they took time to ask ME if I had a good day. At their wedding. That’s just who they are. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet. And their wedding day. Was. Perfect.

Classic, soft, and utterly romantic. 

 Emily & Buddy

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After celebrating with their friends at the historic home by the river, they said their vows in front of all of their loved ones at the church. Whisking away in a classic car, these two then danced through the night to the awesome Farmer’s Daughter Band.

It all started when these two southern sweethearts met freshman year of high school

Sutton & Walker

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 Mathews Manor’s Micah’s Meadow provided the perfect backdrop for this stunning ceremony. 

Sunset ceremonies are always gorgeous, but when you have a couple that shares their hearts as sweetly and eloquently as these two did, it makes for an even more gorgeous sight!

Natalie & Austin

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