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Peter Rabbit Themed 1st Birthday Party | Decatur | Birmingham Wedding Videographer

Lifestyle & Family

April 27, 2018

That first year of a baby’s life goes by in such a blur… diapers, some tears (for both Momma & baby), infectious little giggles, and counting the days as slowly as possible, hoping to keep time from moving so fast. It’s almost as if that time isn’t even a factor until they turn one, then it all hits. As much as we want to keep them little forever, they’re growing up, and we get to be there to help them– each wobbly step of the way.

Getting to be a part of this sweet boy’s first birthday party was the sweetest experience, and I’m so thankful for it! Decatur-bug, as his Momma Lauren and Daddy David call him lovingly, is just the cutest, squeeling-est, smiley-est little boy, and it was evident from all of the family surrounding him that he is so loved.

As we arrived at the birthday party, we were greeted with the sweetest Peter Rabbit decor, from oversized orange carrots welcoming guests to the party, to the always perturbed Mr. McGreggor running after a sly rabbit for nibbling on his garden veggies. Inside, guests signed sweet picture books with messages of love for Decatur, and gushed over the sweet decor Lauren and her sister-in-law used to create a book-lover’s first birthday paradise. I mean, this former teacher and avid reader was just in LOVE with all of the thoughtful details that were part of the celebration! From the radishes and carrot centerpieces to the pastel pinks, blues and yellows on the plates, each piece of the party told the bigger story of this sweet little boy and his precious personality. (PS- Don’t forget to look at the beautiful hand lettering on his birthday sign, done by Sarah Kelley!)

When Lauren originally reached out to me about filming Decatur’s birthday party, she explained that the main reason for wanting it was to capture all of the family that would be there to celebrate with them. From grandparents to aunts and uncles, no one could resist a little baby talk to that blond headed birthday boy. As someone who values family over so many other things, I loved having the opportunity to capture these sweet interactions for Decatur to look back on for years to come and remember how loved he is.

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