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Auburn United Methodist Church & Saugahatchee Country Club January 26, 2019 | Auburn Wedding It’s official– all the best couples have an Auburn wedding. Well, at least, from what we’ve experienced! When Betty called to tell me that she and Austin were planning to be married on January 26- my wedding anniversary! I knew Kelsey […]


  Eufaula  Wedding Videographer First United Methodist Church of Eufaula Wedding It’s no secret that my southern heart loves to film a Eufaula wedding. There is a reason why part of the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” was filmed there–its small town southern charm just draws you in. Then, when you add a joyfully-in-love couple like […]


Watching Alyssa walk toward Richard, his back turned away so as to not see her until *just* the right time, I couldn’t help but flash back through their story in my mind.. It was like each step of their long-distance journey was being considered and enjoyed with each step she took.


A sweet, bohemian wedding of two high school sweethearts.


With an engagement straight out of a Hallmark movie- we knew Shelley & Blake’s wedding day at the Sterling Castle in Shelby, Alabama was going to be a romantic one!


This wedding had it ALL! Stunning Lake Tuscaloosa views, amazing speeches from family and friends, emotional letters, the sweetest groom reaction ever, and a party that could have gone all night! I love being an Alabama videographer because of the vast range of venues and wedding locations in our state, but by far my favorite wedding days are spent at places that bring the drama all while being personalized to the couple! Traveling for this Lake Tuscaloosa wedding made our filmmaker hearts so happy.


I could spend every weekend re-living this amazing wedding at Dream Field Farms! From the mountain-esque wooden cabins that the gals got ready in by the lake, to the magical moment when a white horse just happened to come prancing by right before the golden-hour ceremony..each bit of the day was perfect. 


It was still love at first sight, (sort of) as Trevor saw a photo of gorgeous Jessi and just had to meet her. He talked a mutual friend into introducing them, and asked her out on a date to her favorite restaurant- Mikatas. (Girl after my heart! )

Being the independent gal she is, she wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time. She wasn’t sure if she should go-but her Mom told her that you never know what could happen. And boy, was she glad she grabbed sushi!


We found ourselves feeling as though we had stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting, watching as golden light broke through the trees and fell softly on the rye grass in the field, all while two preciously-in-love people shared a kiss in the front seats of a vintage white Chevrolet Truck.


As the sun was setting the most stunning orange-pink color, sweet Taylor was walking down the aisle with the biggest smile on her face. Her groom, Nathan, anxiously waited at the front of the aisle to see her, asking his Dad “Can I look yet??”